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MySayToday empowers you with robust tools through its Client Lab XM platform, enabling you to propel your business forward by delivering comprehensive data and insightful analysis.

Powerful, yet simple

MySayToday's platform provides a straightforward and adaptable solution that enables two-way communication, quick analysis, and automated actions.


Brand Your Voice

Leverage customizable surveys or moderated online conversations to gather valuable insights from various audiences, be it small teams or large communities. Extract the necessary data from any touchpoint or channel to gain a holistic perspective.


On Demand Data

Consolidate all your data onto one platform to uncover the narratives behind the statistics. Leverage advanced analytics tools to search, sort, and filter data in a way that provides the real-time data answers.


Manage Participants

Simplify participant management to keep track of community health and activity progress. Moderators can easily identify opportunities to initiate discussions and encourage participants to share their thoughts and ideas.

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Display upcoming and ongoing events, showcase projects, and create a roadmap to inform users throughout your project.

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Social Media

Embed Social Media feeds on your website to build trust and conversations. Increase content sharing on multiple social platforms.

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Image Gallery

Easily add and style beautiful images on your page to display how it transitions. This supports user-generated content opportunities.

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Display content to upload photos, video links, and hyperlinks such as announcements, news, events, and more.

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Activate multiple senses creating a rich experience for users with images, video, audio, and YouTube or Vimeo embedded links.

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Dialogue Sponsor

Create a call to action with dialogue sponsor or host contact info on your website by adding their title, role, avatar, email, and hyperlink.

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Time Remaining

Enhance the homepage with real-time updated content released around the project countdown clock.

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Document Upload

Make file sharing on your site easier with a seamless user experience and enable users to quickly upload files from anywhere.

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Contact Us

Collect information and responses from customers with a seamless form integration directly on your website.

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Create new content with a title, description, and link to a specific Call to Action for internal or external links.

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Virtual Training

Pro tips, easy-to-follow tutorials, 1:1, resource guides, and insightful videos on all aspects of virtual training.

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